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I believe in crowded dance floors kisses in the evening sun the beauty of the word I do peeing-in-my-pants-kind-of-laughter the scent of love & that to-me-you-are-perfect kind of love


The happiest photographer on earth

The happiest photographer on earth

"Small-pig" my husband calls out! I turn around looking as if I just stepped out of an American shampoo commercial throwing my thick hair around (also known as my three blonde strands of hair). Then I laugh. I do that a lot; laughing that is. When someone stumbles and gets a twitchy kind of walk while trying to regain their balance (sorry). When that perfect light hits my camera.When I uncork a bottle of champagne on an ordinary mac and cheese-eating-Tuesday.

When I get the privelege of having the bathroom all to myself, not a single kid hanging on my leg. When an appointment with someone new turns into a meeting with a new friend. When finding that long lost hidden chocolate in the kitchen cabinet. But most of all when people are in love. This is when my heart laughs out loud.


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party animals

Feeling the vibrations, feeling the pulse wander from the speakers to your feet. All of a sudden you are on the dance floor, someone is doing the robot dance, someone else is singing along in that song, that song that is bringing back all the sweet memories. You are alive. You are e party animal.

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Is it that kiss in your neck on a Sunday morning, that hand that dries away your tears or is it just the fact that you are now married that is making you feel so crazy and so strong, and so inlove. gallery coming soon

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Inner beauty is great but there is something special about feeling beautiful on your wedding day. Cause, really, how often do you feel that beautiful that you almost want to bang yourself? gallery coming soon

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belly laughs

This is not that polite laughter that comes when someone is pulling a clever joke, this is that real laughter that can’t be stopped. That laughter that is deaper than your heart, a belly laughter. gallery coming soon

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Tears running down eyes that have watched you growing up, euphoria, proud hugs, happy memories or missing someone that is no longer with us. All the memories playin inside our heads, making marks and leaving us with something very real, something called coming soon

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A coincidence, a whim, someone that can not be directed. Burning birthday candles on grandpa’s head. Kids building a hut under the wedding dress, friends dancing on the table or for that matter anything that happens when no one thinks the camera is on. Pictures where reality meets beauty, this is where spontaneity is born. gallery coming soon

my vision

I don’t have any

During our first 12 hours together I will get to see you with no clothes on. I will hear the story of who really made the first move. I will see you kissing the one you love. I will listen to your friends sharing stories of the nights you’d rather have forgot (what actually went down in that beach in Italy?). I will get to see your family crying (the happy kind of crying). I will get to see you sneak out of your own wedding dinner, to enjoy the sunset with the one you love. I will be there to witness your dance moves improving at the same pace as the champagne is flowing. I will get to share one of the happiest days of your life.

Maybe now you see why it would be wrong for me to call you just a client.

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the point

So, what’s this gonna set us back?

My rates start at 21.000 sek. This price varies on whether it takes place on a weekday or on the weekend and of course it depends on how much of the day you want me to capture. You are most welcome to contact me to get more information or if you want me to put together a package that will suit your particular wedding. A wedding can’t be too small or too big.

How do we know if you’re available?

The best way (besides asking a psychic) is for you to contact me at or via the contact form and we’ll take it from there.

Are we the perfect match?

If your answer is yes to the three questions below then yes, we are meant to be and we will live happily ever after (and who doesn’t want to live happily ever after with their wedding photographer?).

  • 1. Do you like my photos?
  • 2. Do you want to get married?
  • 3. Is Madonna really turning 60years old?


fill this in and
you will be happy

Hello, my name is My partner and I found you via when we were looking for a photographer for our wedding (that will be insanely great and something you seriously can’t miss). We want to tell you everything about our wedding, but for now we will send you our information of where, when and in short what kind of wedding photos we are dreaming of . It would be great if you could send us some information about your wedding packages and also check if you are free for the most amazing wedding this year, please send me an email as soon as possible.

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Do you have a sweet kid, a happy family, a gorgeous spouse, a funny friend or a company that has the need to show its soul? Slip over to Smallpig.studios (launching 1st of april), there will be no wedding pictures, but I will still be there. If you want to make a reservation or need price information, drop me a line at